PETR KOČAŘÍK, Moravia wine Region

our vineyard

“We are a small family winery from Čejkovice. We farm less than 2 hectares of our vineyards, of which, depending on the year, we produce about 5000-10000 bottles of wine per year. For wines, we try to preserve their naturalness and terroir, which means that in our bottles, you will find a reflection of the place and the weather of the year. Working in the vineyard is crucial for us. We cultivate the soil without herbicides, and the bushes are treated only with products authorized in organic farming. We interfere as little as possible in the production of wine and use maceration of the grape peel. Our wines ferment spontaneously, then lie on the lees for 12 months in oak barrels. We do not clarify and filter the wines; we only supply sulfur in minimal quantities. The bottling into stainless steel, is performed by gravity. We focus on Burgundy varieties, especially Pinot Noir.”


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