Moravia, The Hidden Gem of Central Europeans Wines

You may be surprised to know that the Czech Republic is also home to one of Europe’s oldest and most thriving wine industries and markets.

On 16.800 hectares of vineyards, Moravia is home to 312 small villages and over 54 types of grapes grown here. All 4 seasons contribute to slowly cultivate aromatic complex wines. Here you can experience spices, tropical, fruity, or floral flavors and aromas like nowhere else.

The Czech Republic is known for its light to medium-bodied white wines. In fact, 65% of wine production is white and 90% of it, is made in South Moravia. The most frequent variety in South Moravia is Green Veltliner (Grüner Veltliner), which is primarily grown in Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. South Moravia is also home to several local varieties, including Moravian Muscat, Cabernet Moravia, and our favorite – Pálava.

Despite Moravian wine being little known, there are Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc 2014, and Sylvaner winning 2015 Vin du Monde for the second year consecutive.

The sparkling wine, Louis Girardot, made a triumphant entry in Israel’s world wine competition being awarded with gold. Can you imagine that Champagne trailed behind? Being part of Central Europe’s wine regions and developing a stronger influence, challenging the old world wine empires, makes Moravians very proud.

Currently, there are approximately 850 registered wineries throughout the country. In South Moravia, there is also a large number of domestic winemakers who mainly produce wine for friends and family. Many of their vineyards and cellars have been passed down for generations. For this reason, you quickly begin to see how South Moravian wine is not just business but rooted deeply in tradition and the region’s culture. Therefore Moravian wine speaks out with its unique soil and the people who give it its authentic signature.

Moravian wines, grapes varieties

Moravia, is a Unesco-listed gem. We are in love with the Moravia wine region! We can say without hesitation, that from here are the best wines you’ve never tasted. But putting our love aside let’s explain to you better why Moravia is becoming a world top-class wine region. First, its soil.

On the whole, Moravia wine region is specialized in production of white wine. As a result to its unique soil and subsoils characteristics the grapes from Moravia are born with fresh and fruity aromas. At the same time, the warm climate helps to cultivate varieties with a solid structure and freshness like Grüner Veltliner, Rhine Riesling, Pinot Blanc or Müller Thurgau. The famous aromatic wines include Sauvignon, Rhine Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay. Moravian Muscat and Pálava are both original bred varieties.

The local aromatic red wines are made most often from the varieties of St. Laurent and Limberger, however, we must not forget about traditional Blauer Portugieser, Pinot Noir, wild Zweigeltrebe. The original bred varieties  are Cabernet Moravia and André. Blue varieties request the warmest localities, the most calorific soils and modern cellar technology.

Celebrating the Harvest 

At the end of summer, some South Moravian villages organise Harvest Festivals to celebrate their good harvest. The time of the grape harvest represents the peak of the season for wine lovers. In wine-producing regions, often accompany this fun event, medieval festivals and markets.

In the Southern Moravia there are four main wine production parts: Znojemsko, Slovácko, Velké Pavlovice, and Mikulov. Though these areas are located close to each other, they are famous for different kinds of wine. And be sure that winegrowers want to differentiate their wine according to these particular regions. Their wine is their pride and we cannot blame them. Moravia wine is one of the best in the world! What’s more, Moravia wine growers are famous for their openness and helpfulness and they´d be honored to stay with you in their wine cellar and drink their finest wine and speak about their vineyards.

The Znojmo Wine Harvest Festival (Znojemské vinobraní) is the biggest festival and has been going on since 1966. Each year attracts tens of thousands of visitors from around the country.

Are you thinking to visit Moravia? Keep reading we’ll give you the best advices!

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Are you planning to visit Moravia Wine Region? We’ll give you the best tips!

For wine enthusiasts South Moravia is a must-visit destination in the Czech Republic.

We can give to you quickly reasons:

  • To taste world winning white wines and don’t miss the Natural Wines.
  • Moravian beauty and elegance of UNESCO protected Chateau Valtice & Chateau Lednice with its Salon du Vin home to the top 100 award-winning Moravian wines.
  • Beautiful lakes and countryside including the UNESCO protected Palavian hills
  • Great food and wine all year round
  • Moravia has many cultural festivals with colorful traditional costumes, parades, music, and dancing. You will not regret experience one!
  • Moravian wine, beer and locally produced fruit brandies ( e.g. Slivovice)  make you curious and jolly.
  • Burcak (pronounced Burchak) is a lightly fermented grape juice. Cannot be tasted anywhere else and is available only in the harvest season in September. That is to say, try to taste the samples directly from the wine cellars. We are fans!
  • Roasted St Martin’s goose with young wines during St Martin’s week festival from November 11th.
  • Wine alleys are traditional wine cellars streets in the picturesque villages. Owner of quaint architecture and lively atmosphere, are open July-September in most of villages.


  • Culture and wine season is from July until mid-October
  • Wine and outdoor activities golf, cycling, walking, from May to October.
  • The best time for romance, relaxing at the spa or to enjoy a candlelit dinner and wine, surrounded by sound and warmth of log fire, is from late November till April or January-February with a bit of snow.
  • All things considered we got to the conclusion that to really enjoy all the great value opportunities Moravia offers, a minimum stay of 5 days is recommended.

Thanks for getting here! We hope you enjoyed this article and that we have cleared all your doubts and why not get inspired to taste new flavors. Visit us on our Facebook page and also on Instagram to keep up to date with all our content. Until next time!


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