What wines go best with pizza. The simple guide.

Wine and pizza pairing

Wine and pizza? Oh yes! A big yes! We have all paired pizza with beer for years. But have you been encouraged to pair pizza with wine? Well If you are reading this article, it means that you are at least evaluating it. Good. Because this combination, although not as popular as beer, is an exquisite explosion of flavors and aromas. And we love it!
As a wine lover and a pizza lover, I believe that this combination is just pure glory and for sure is an experience that you can’t miss.
I will write here the bases for choosing the wines that best suit the pizza you choose. There is not only one wine to pair with all the pizzas. It all depends on the toppings. A nice glass of wine can certainly set off the tang of a good tomato sauce or the herbs on a pizza. The difficult task is deciding what wine to pair with your favorite pizza.
The pizza, generally speaking, it is easier to pair with white wine that is light and fresh. This is because the tomato on the pizza, with its high in acidity, becomes pretty unpleasant with the iron taste of the tannins in the red wines. White wines can balance better the acidity and softening the fats of mozzarella. But don’t worry we will give options for red wine lovers as well.

Margarita Pizza and Wine

While pizzas can be a simple Margherita or become a multi-topping, beautiful hot mess, there are two prominent flavors that will feature on the most of the time: tomatoes and cheese. The perfect combination of bread, mozzarella, and tomatoes it goes perfect with white wines with notes of fruits. This enhances the tomato and the sweetness of mozzarella.

The light-bodied wines pair very well with Margherita pizzas that are also like light-bodied as well. We can choose a nice Sauvignon with high acidity, which works perfectly with the tanginess of the tomato sauce. Besides can draw out the sweetness of the tomatoes and refresh your mouth from the creamy fatty coating of the cheese. For the same reasons, the Rosés are a very nice option as well. Light in body and tannin, high in acidity, is a pretty pairing with pizza Margherita. Would you prefer a Red wine? Well, no problem. Just try to go with light-bodied wines, like Pinot Noir. 

White Pizza and Wine pairing

White pizza is made with a white cream sauce as opposed to a traditional red sauce.  As such, it is much less acidic than your usual pie. Both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay both go equally great with white pizza because they truly help bring those creamy notes to life on your taste buds. Even though you might be convinced that several other kinds of wine go well with creams, there’s something unique about Chardonnay and Pinot that truly work in perfect synch with the herbs often used to make white pizza. Or you can chose a Pinot Chardonnay and have the best of both worlds. The natural organic Pinot Chardonnay from Petr Kocaric is the perfect match for this pizza. 

What we don’t recommend, is pair this kind of pizzas with heavy red wines.  Red wines have the potential to overwhelm tomato-less pizzas with too much red fruit flavor and distracting, drying tannin.

Hawaiian Pizza and Wine pairing

While the debate will likely continue for years on whether pineapple belongs on pizza, the truth is many people enjoy this fruity, fun twist on a classic. Consider a sparkling wine as the pairing for this pizza. The sparkling variety has just the same fun factor that your pizza does, making it a great fit.

If you are not in the mood of bubbles, Riesling and Zinfandel go great with the pineapple and bacon found on Hawaiian pizza. What’s so unique about Riesling is that it has the acidity that you need to clean your palate and the sweetness required to get the full flavor out of the bacon and pineapple combination. But both, Riesling and Zinfandel have the sweetness and fruitiness that you want.

Pepperoni Pizza and Wine pairing

If pepperoni pizza is on the menu tonight, the best recommendation would be for a Cabernet Franc, Sangiovese, or our favorite option, Syrah. The reason for this particular pairing is that pepperoni has a very strong flavor from the pork and cured beef. We need something to complement the fat content in pepperoni which is one more culinary consideration to keep in mind when trying to find just the right wine. Besides, all the spices in pepperoni, such as paprika, sugar, pepper, anise, and garlic powder. For this kind of ingredient, we need those wines who can add some fruit flavors. This is why my favorite option is the Syrah and its characteristic intense dark fruit flavor of blackberry, plum, and blueberry. With so much going on on your pizza, you’ll need a bold wine with equally bold flavors to find the right balance to your meal. 

Rose Wine Slovak wine in Copenhagen

Vegetarian Pizza and Wine pairing

Light-bodied white and rosés wines, make a nice combination with a vegetarian pizza. If your vegetarian pizza has plenty of onions and bell peppers, Sauvignon Blanc and Red Traminer may be the ideal choice. If you are in the mood of a Rosé, go for it! It will be a very pleasant experience.

Mushrooms, for example, are earthy and hearty, almost meaty. Let a Pinot Noir accompany them if they’re the main attraction on your slice. Another enjoyable match would be with a slightly oaked Chardonnay.


Be very careful about the serving temperature. Ambient-temperature reds and whites don’t work at all with pizza. With hot melted cheese the wine must be cold, otherwise no refreshment is guaranteed whatsoever.

Avoid wines that are too heavies, tannic or oaky. These can weigh down your pizza experience, making everything feel heavy and, believe it or not, a bit metallic. Avoid choices like Cabernet Sauvignon and Sagrantino. Keep them for your bbq ribs.

Don’t forget the fruit point. It’s nice to have juicy fruit flavors in the wine, as well as savory flavors, to help bring out the flavors of the toppings and the dough. Avoid too acidic bottles.

Go for bubbles. When in doubt, go for bubbles. Sparkling wines like Prosecco, Cava, or a sparkling rosé will help cut through the doughiness and act as a palate cleanser. And go well with a variety of toppings. Remember always cold!

Pinot Noir and rosé are the master key of endless combinations, wines with a thousand faces that can easily be served with most of the known pizzas.


Well these are all our tips and recommendations, but in the end my biggest advice is, drink what you like! If you like the Moscato with pepperoni pizza go for it! You are the master of your own experiences. 


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