Mátyás, South Slovak wine Region

Although the first packaged items of our winery were launched in 2005, our family has been involved in wine production much earlier. Like other families living in Nova Vieska, we only had a small vineyard, from which we made enough wine every year for our own needs. This vineyard, as well as its associated cellar, were, like the love of wine, a family heirloom.

The history of our winery began in 2003, when we decide to build a family homestead from the legacy. Today we have reached today’s state with a total of 12 hectares of vineyards and one new cellar in 6 years.

Using Cicero’s words, “What nature has created is always better than what has been created artificially.”

When growing grapes, our philosophy is to return to nature, work in harmony with nature, and not waste its reserves, manage sustainably and increase our valuable biodiversity. We have been growing our vineyards since their establishment according to the rules of organic cultivation. Our goal is to achieve a biodynamic economy and the highest possible level of harmony and cooperation with nature and space. We are already doing some of our work in this spirit, that is, concerning the influences of the moon.

Two essential principles determine our work: tradition and nature. It is our philosophies that lead us in the right direction during our work in viticulture. But what does this mean in practice? The vast majority of our wines, according to traditional wine production, are fermented and matured in oak barrels, as long as possible. We do not interfere in the fermentation and development of wines. We leave it to nature. We are just some kind of observers of all processes, which means that yeast, enzymes, and other additives have been expelled from our cellars for many years. We help the wine maturate only by letting the bottles ripen on the sludge. The only intervention in the production of wine is its slight sulphurization before bottling, or in some compelling cases also filtration. In recent years, we have begun to produce more and more wines fermented on the skins, bottled without filtration or addition of sulfur. We consider this to be the fulfillment of the goals of natural wine production.


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