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Does the wine have an expiration date? How long can I keep the wine once I have opened it?

Will wine expire? How long can I keep a bottle of wine?

Hello Winelovers! If you are here it is because you love wine or because you are beginning to dive into the wine world. Well, whatever the reason that brought you here, one of the frequent questions that we have all asked ourselves at some point is … Do all wines really improve over the years? […]

What wines go best with pizza. The simple guide.

Wine and pizza pairing

Wine and pizza? Oh yes! A big yes! We have all paired pizza with beer for years. But have you been encouraged to pair pizza with wine? Well If you are reading this article, it means that you are at least evaluating it. Good. Because this combination, although not as popular as beer, is an […]

When wine is corked and how its taste

You don’t have to be a wine expert to spot a corked wine. Cork taint smells like wet newspaper, wet dogs, and musty basements. And the corked wine will often be discolored and slightly brownish. The flavor – if you get that far – will be flat, lifeless, and possibly vinegary. While corked wine isn’t […]