Hello, my name is Michal, founder of Moravin.dk

I have worked as a chef for 10 years around Europe. In my first year as a chef, I discovered my passion for wines closely linked to my passion for good food. I’ve always been deeply interested in wines that tell a story. May they be unique and created with passion and dedication, which reflect the terroir in which they were created.

Our mission is to enhance the good wine from small farmers, who put an enormous amount of dedication to cultivating the soil in an organic and biodynamic way.  

We have wines from the Moravia region, the biggest wine region in the Czech Republic. Here many vineyards belonged to the same families for generations, and they put passion and dedication in each bottle. And we have wines from Slovakia, where the climatic characteristics create wines full of personality. 

You can see our current selection on our website. We are continuously updating our selection as we want to bring exciting wines and our producers are small and therefore have small quantities of bottles.


Also, we have special deals for traders with access to samples. Send me an email, and we will coordinate a tasting.

I hope to hear from you soon. Let me know what you think about the wines, if you have had the chance to taste them. Cheers!